Congratulations to the members of the class of 2019 on their acceptance to the following colleges,universities and technical schools:

Izaria Alcantara: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Fitchburg State University, Franklin Pierce University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Bridgewater State University, Anna Maria College; Kim Anderson: Franklin Pierce University, MWCC; Elissa Boucher: Fitchburg State University,MWCC; Hunter Bourgoin: MWCC; Sirena Caputi: MWCC; Mitchell Charland: MWCC; Yang Yi Chen: Westfield State University, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Nathan Cobiski: Curry College, Franklin Pierce University, MWCC; Lillian Dack: Anna Maria College, Westfield State University, Franklin Pierce University; Aidan DeHays: Keene State College; Jeremy Diaz: MWCC; Kaileen Dibble: Franklin Pierce University, Fitchburg State University, Emerson College, Ithaca University, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, University of Massachusetts Lowell, American University, George Mason University; Adam Digman: Anna Maria College, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Franklin Pierce University, Fitchburg State University; Kaylee Fleurant: Franklin Pierce University, MWCC; Jocelyn Garner: Fitchburg State University, Franklin Pierce University, MWCC; Lindsey Gemme: Fitchburg State University, Westfield State University, Salem State University, St. Anselm College, Salve Regina University, University of New England, Curry College, St. Joseph's College; Taylor Goguen: New England Dental Academy; Ciera Guild: Fitchburg State University, Worcester State University; Logan Hawkins: MWCC; Lily Hunt: MWCC; Britney Jackson: Westfield State University; Lesley University; Emily Labarge: MWCC; Alexis Lancey: MWCC; Chloe Lawrence: Fitchburg State University, Worcester State University; Ben Lawrence: MWCC; Lily Leblanc: MWCC, Framingham State University, Fitchburg State University, Worcester State University; Nicole Lemire: Mass College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Salem State University, Fitchburg State University; Mya Leslie: MWCC, Fitchburg State University; Emma Lively: MWCC; Makenzie Lundin: Franklin Pierce University, Fitchburg State University, Worcester State University; Dylan Lupien: Dean College, Castleton University, MWCC; Kelly Murphy: Worcester State University, Fitchburg State University; Lindsey O’Toole: Franklin Pierce University, Worcester State University, Fitchburg State University, MWCC; Luke Palmatier: Lincoln Tech; Maria Polcari: North Carolina State University, Penn State, University of Connecticut, University of Maine, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of New Hampshire, Virginia Tech; Kipper Prouty: MWCC; Timmy Quinn: Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Max Race: MWCC; Emily Roberts: MWCC; Phebe Shippy: Worcester State University, Fitchburg State University, Franklin Pierce University, Lasell College, Curry College; Ashley Signa: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Western New England College; Emily Smith: Manhattanville College, St. Joseph’s College Maine; Lindsey Smith: Salve Regina University; St. Michael’s College; Jaelynn Stetson: Assumption College, Cazenovia College, Colby Sawyer College, University of New Hampshire, University of Rhode Island, Endicott College, Fitchburg State University, Worcester State University, New England College, Merrimack College, University of Maine, University of Southern Maine, Keene State College; Richard Swanson: MWCC; Ryan Thira: Bridgewater State University, University of New Haven, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech; Robyn Ufema: MWCC.

A huge shout out to the following members of the class of 2019 that have enlisted in the United States Armed Forces:

Zachary Richards: United States Air Force

Jake Robichaud: United States Air Force

Tony Wolski: United States Air Force

Richard Swanson: United States Army

The following members of the class of 2019 were awarded with the following scholarships during class day, alumni banquet and graduation.  Approximately $79,000.00 has been rewarded to date.  Thank you to the wonderful Winchendon and Murdock community.  Congratulations!!!!

Alumni Basketball ScholarshipDylan Lupien
American Red CrossChloe Lawrence
American Red CrossNicole Lemire
Anthony Lapointe Scholarship / Lions ClubJeremy Diaz
Anthony Lapointe Scholarship / Lions ClubMaria Polcari
Anthony Lapointe Scholarship / Lions ClubDylan Lupien
Anthony Lapointe Scholarship / Lions ClubPhylicia Shippy/Alumni
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipKelly Murphy
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipBritney Jackson
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipPhebe Shippy
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipMakenzie Lundin
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipKaileen Dibble
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipChloe Lawrence
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipAdam Digman
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipSirena Caputi
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipDylan Lupien
Arthur Bastille Achievement ScholarshipKelly Murphy
Cindy Stevenson Memorial ScholarshipBritney Jackson
Dr. John E. Harrington Healthcare ScholarshipLindsay Gemme
Ernest & Pauline Trombly Memorial ScholarshipRyan Thira
Ernest & Pauline Trombly Memorial ScholarshipPhebe Shippy
F. Leo & Irene Murray ScholarshipMaria Polcari
F. Leo & Irene Murray ScholarshipLindsay Gemme
F. Leo & Irene Murray ScholarshipYang Yi Chen
F. Leo & Irene Murray ScholarshipSirena Caputi
F. Leo & Irene Murray ScholarshipRyan Thira
F. Leo & Irene Murray ScholarshipTimmy Quinn
F. Leo & Irene Murray ScholarshipLindsey Smith
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipLillian Dack
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipKaylee Fleurant
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipLily Leblanc
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipCiera Guild
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipJaelynn Stetson
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipJeremy Diaz
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipLuke Palmatier
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipAidan Dehays
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipMya Leslie
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipIzaria Alcantara
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipElissa Boucher
Fred & Cora Gendron ScholarshipLindsey O'Toole
Gardner Rotary Club ScholarshipAdam Digman
Jan Keck Memorial ScholarshipMaria Polcari
Jan Keck Memorial ScholarshipKaileen Dibble
Jan Keck Memorial ScholarshipPhebe Shippy
John S. LaFortune Memorial ScholarshipAdam Digman
John S. LaFortune Memorial ScholarshipKelly Murphy
Joseph Kent Davini Memorial Scholarship Samantha Adams/Monty Tech
Kiwanis Club of Winchendon Scholarship
Maliska Family ScholarshipMakenzie Lundin
Maliska Family ScholarshipAdam Digman
Mary Ellsworth Memorial ScholarshipKaileen Dibble
Michael Morin Memorial Scholarship
Murdock Alumni Life Member ScholarshipRichard Swanson
Murdock Alumni Life Member ScholarshipAdam Digman
Murdock Alumni Scholarship
Murdock Sports AwardsDylan Lupien
Murdock Sports AwardsMaria Polcari
Murdock Sports AwardsAdam Digman
Murdock Student CouncilChloe Lawrence
Murdock Student CouncilNicole Lemire
Rachel A. Grout ScholarshipChloe Lawrence
Ralph and Ann Mathieu Memorial ScholarshipRyan Thira
Rick Paul Scholarship FundRichard Swanson
Rick Paul Scholarship FundTimmy Quinn
Sons of American Legion
Sound of MurdockChloe Lawrence
Sound of MurdockNicole Lemire
Sound of MurdockPhebe Shippy
Station 857 Chris Shaw Memorial ScholarshipChloe Lawrence
Taylor Barrows Kaileen Dibble
Taylor Barrows Ciera Guild
Taylor Barrows Maria Polcari
The Harper Grace Memorial ScholarshipVictoria Lemire
The Harper Grace Memorial ScholarshipAdam Digman
The Harper Grace Memorial ScholarshipMakenzie Lundin
The Harper Grace Memorial ScholarshipLindsey Smith
The Winchendon Garden Club ScholarshipNathan Cobiski
Winchendon Firefighters Relief Association ScholarshipChloe Lawrence
Winchendon Firefighters Relief Association ScholarshipKelly Murphy
Winchendon History & Cultural Center ScholarshipAshley Signa
Winchendon Police Association ScholarshipRyan Thira
Winchendon Police Association ScholarshipPhebe Shippy
Winchendon Support Personnel Association ScholarshipYang Yi Chen
Winchendon Support Personnel Association ScholarshipAdam Digman
Winchendon Teachers Association ScholarshipLindsey Smith
Winchendon Teachers Association ScholarshipEmily Smith
WPS School to Career ScholarshipNicole Lemier
WPS School to Career ScholarshipKaileen Dibble