Our core values are grounded in the importance of respect, responsibility, accountability, integrity and empathy.

We believe all students can learn and in order for students to reach their fullest potential, we will provide:

  • A culturally responsive and safe learning environment

  • Equitable opportunities to grow

  • High expectations in all settings

  • Welcoming classroom s and school communities to foster caring relationships and

    a sense of belonging

  • School building schedules designed to ensure adequate time on learning for all

    content areas

  • Effective High Quality Instructional Material (HQIM) and resources to access

    rigorous curriculum and instruction that aligns to on or above grade level state



Our mission is to collaboratively provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environment to create compassionate and powerful critical thinkers in an ever changing world.


Our vision is to provide an equitable and excellent well rounded education that will prepare every student for success in college, career, and life!

Theory of Action

If ALL Teachers, ALL Staff, ALL Students, ALL Families, and ALL Administrators:

  • Have a shared vision and are invested in building a culture of achievement in a physically and emotionally safe environment

  • Have a belief in a positive and collaborative partnership with all stakeholders

  • Have an understanding of the evidenced based action plans

  • Have consistently high expectations

  • Work collaboratively to align High Quality Instructional Material (HQIM) and update

    PreK 12 curriculum in all content areas

  • Work collaboratively to assess student progress to take immediate action to close

    learning gaps


ALL students will become resilient, innovative problem solvers, and achieve at their greatest potential as global citizens!