Policies Approved January 10, 2019
Policies Approved January 10, 2019
School Committee/Superintendent
Monday, September 10, 2018

The Winchendon School Committee has voted to approve the following policies on January 10, 2019.  They will be added to our online MASC Policy Manual shortly.   

Please contact Carolyn at 978-616-1452 with you have any questions regarding these policies. 

File: EEAA


File: FA

File: FF

File: FFA

File: GBA

File: GBEA

File: GBED

File: GBGB

File: GBGE

File: GCCC - Removing

All Winchendon Public Schools policies are located on the MASC online policy site. Please find the link under the main MENU of the Superintendent's area.