The PAWS at Home Challenge At Memorial School, we define our behavior expectations using the acronym, PAWS. How would your family define behavior expectations at home using PAWS as a guide? We cha...

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Check out the information on Breakfast in the Classroom at Memorial School:

Michelle Atter

5 months ago

Welcome back! Our handbook can be found here:

Memorial Elementary School

5 months ago

Check out the Elementary Bus Routes here:

Winchendon Public Schools

5 months ago

Interim Superintendent Search Committee - There is still time to send your letter of intent to be in the search committee. You have until Friday, June 29 to get your letter in to the Winchendon Public Schools’ Central Office. If you have any questions, please call the Central Office: 978-297-0031.

Winchendon Public Schools

7 months ago