Announcements and Upcoming Events


As of March 20th, College Board has decided to cancel traditional face to face tests and develop online tests that can be done from home (or school depending on our situation). The tests will ONLY include material covered before early March and will be limited to free response type questions. 

AP Computer Science Principles exam will only include digital projects (deadline has been extended).

AP students have been emailed a document explaining which units will be covered on the test.

The price of the test has not changed.  Each test is $94.00.

Test dates:

  • May 12 - Calculus

  • May 13 - English Literature and Composition

  • May 14 - Chemistry

  • May 15 - US History

  • May 18 - Environmental Science

  • May 20 - English Language and Composition

  • May 22 - Statistics

Course Selection:

Current high school students should check their school email for info on course selection.  Each student was emailed a copy of the program of studies and must sign up for an appointment with their guidance counselor to pick courses.

Nursing Expo:

Due to the Coronavirus, they changed the Nursing Expo for high school students originally scheduled at UMass on 4/5/20 to an online resource this year. On the UMass Graduate School of Nursing website, they have a page with resources for students that  include:

  • A video recorded presentation highlighting the different aspects of nursing.

  • Information regarding preparing to apply to nursing schools – how you can be ready to apply!

  • Links directly to all of the 16 colleges/universities nursing departments that were planning to attend our Expo.

  • A space to type your questions about nursing, etc. 

Check it out here:

Central MASS Nursing Schools Expo Resource for high school students: